Laser Systems/Custom Software

In recent years, we have been catching up space in 3D Laser printing and strived to understand the related issues in this field. We have customized the software for better performance focusing mainly on the following features,


  • Support for several 1D and 2D barcodes

Fill Patterns / Hatching

  • Filling of polygon with an unlimited, freely configurable and combinable number of hatch patterns
  • Beam compensation according to currently used laser properties
  • Post-processing of hatch-lines to create complex effects and patterns
  • Several speed- and quality-oriented hatch-styles

Serial Numbers, Date/Time, Best-Before-Dates

  • Support for dynamic content that can be assigned to text and barcode elements to implement serial numbers, date/time information, best-before-dates, tracking information, production information and others more
  • Automated and cyclic update before every marking operation
  • Format and content freely choosable, text can be combined with counting numbers, date and time information of different styles and formats
  • Localised date and time information
  • Customisable formats of numbers and digits

Slicing of solid 3D models to 2D layers

  • Sliced 3D models can be processed layer by layer for depth engraving or rapid prototyping/SLS-printing applications
  • Variable pen definitions for contour and hatch can be defined freely for first and last slice as well as pen-patterns for all other layers
  • Support for 2D marking systems, 3rd axis can be done by external device
  • Support for 3D marking systems, 3rd dimension is handled by Z axis of scanner
  • Rotating hatch patterns, hatch angle can be changed automatically for every slice
  • Slice distance and first slice offset freely choosable depending on desired model size and accuracy
  • Support for several 3D formats like Surface Tesselation Language™ (STL), RenderWare™ (RWX), WaveFront™ OBJ, Polygon (PLY)
  • Import and export of already sliced data in Common Layer Interface™ (CLI) format


  • Integrated vision system with live background image
  • Camera calibration for image distortion
  • Fiducial teaching and management
  • Automatic fiducial recognition
  • Geometry-correction based on fiducials

Texts and Font Styles

  • Support for TrueType™ and special high-speed laser style fonts
  • Several text effects
  • Rotation of texts by using post-processing elements
  • Texts can be modified during processing for dynamic content

Raster Images / Bitmap Marking

  • Import of all common raster image file formats such as GIF, PNG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF
  • In-application editing of R/G/B components as well as contrast, brightness and gamma
  • Support for real grayscale images, dithered black and white images, hard shadow black and white images
  • Imported scanner bitmaps freely scaleable and modifyable
  • Import pictures as lighttable background image to use it as template and for drawing vector marking data on top of it

Splitting Geometries into Tiles

  • Grouping of elements into a split group to process working pieces larger than the available working area
  • Geometries can be splitted one-dimensional (X or Y direction or rotational mode) or two-dimensional (for use with e.g. XY-table)
  • Positions where geometries are cut can be edited and modified freely
  • Splitted parts are put together during processing by synchronous movements
  • Splitting direction, overlapping, object diameter, keystone correction factor and many other parameters can be defined freely
  • Split groups support all kind of elements and all combinations of them, vector geometries are cut as well as scanner bitmaps

Multihead Support

  • Several overlapping or separated working areas supported
  • Different scanner controllers can be mixed as well as different laser types and scanheads
  • Automatic and speed-optimised distribution of vector data over available heads and working areas
  • Simultaneous and speed-optimised marking on all available heads
  • Support of up to 9 scanheads at the same time (9 in PRO version, up to two in free version)

3D Editing / Split View

  • Comfortable editing of 3D data in views from top, front and side
  • All editing functions available without limitations in these views
  • Additional foreshortened view that can be zoomed, rotated and moved freely to inspect the model from all sides easily
  • Split view with all three editing views and the foreshortened view shown at the same time for fast and simple editing also in case of complex models