Attrobot Mini 3D Printer

We are living in a realm of advanced science, which includes 3D printing. 3D printing fuels limitless ways in which the technology can be utilized. It has, and will continue to, provide a means for visionaries to easily fabricate prototypes for designs which they could only depict via 2-dimensional drawings and diagrams in the past. It has certainly spur on new inventions, simply because inventors now have a way to test out their ideas with models and prototypes.

So let us provide our future engineers, designers and problem solvers every tool available to build a brilliant future.

Key Features:

  • Support less then 100 micron resolution and support higher printing speeds for prototyping

  • Support multicolor filament

  • Portable, safer to handle and need less operating power

  • PC software that support various 3D & 2D formats like stl, amf, obj, jpeg, bmp and png.

  • V-slot manufacturing technology.

  • Affordable and easy maintenance.

Product Specifications:

Model Attrobot Mini 3D Printer
Application Personal use, Schools and colleges
Frame Material V Slot with less noise
Weight 4.8KG
Working Voltage 12V
Input Power Volume 110V-240V
Bed No Heating
Printing Size 130 x150 x100mm
Layer Thickness 0.1-0.4mm
Max Printing Speed 100mm/s
Standard Extruder Diameter 0.4mm
Printing Material Supply PLA
Printing Filament Diameter 1.75mm
Date Import Format STL, OBJ, G-Code
Device Size 280 x 300 x 320mm
Carton Size 300 x 300 x 200mm
Operating System Win XP/7/8/10
Printing Software Attrobot Workspace

Packing List:

No. Name Quantity
1 Attrobot Mini 3D Printer 1
2 Power Adapter 1
3 Filament Stand 1
4 5m/1Kg PLA Filament 1
5 2G SD Card with software and files 1